A Blog Item for my Friend’s Bookstore

Recently, I had the pleasure to contribute to a blog on the web site of Freebird Bookstore which is a place owned by Peter Miller, a friend of mine. The store’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

I borrowed and wrote about several old guides to the restaurants of New York — One of them dated back to the 1920s and the most recent one was published about 35 years ago.

For someone as interested in New York’s neighborhoods as I am (not to mention food and restaurants!), they are fascinating to read.

Freebird Books has a great collection of books on New York history and culture and is well-worth a visit, if you’re in New York.

I’ll post the entire restaurant guide essay to this blog soon, but please check out Freebird’s web site. You can find out about upcoming readings and the owner frequently writes blog items about his book discoveries. He’s got an uncanny ability to find book treasures, as any good bookseller should!

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One thought on “A Blog Item for my Friend’s Bookstore

  1. you’ve been doing this since November and haven’t spoken of it before!!! such a humble man. and a terrific blogger.

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