Great Works of Photography Re-Staged Using Lego Figures

Via the Open Culture blog comes this item about classic 20th Century photographs re-staged using Lego pieces.

I’m not sure whether it’s absolutely essential to have already seen the original photographs that these re-creations are based on…and for that matter I’m not entirely sure what it is that is so engaging about them…

But for me personally, there’s something great about the combination of stolidity and smiling good humor that the Lego figures have. Then there’s the endearing dissonance between the Lego re-stagings and the original photographic images that we’ve retained in our mind’s eye.

The re-creation of Cartier Bresson’s photograph entitled “Madrid” is one of my personal favorites (here’s the original image). The original photograph oscillates between the entirely mundane waking world and the dream world. The re-creation certainly captures those elements, too.

The re-stagings are like good mimicry — they lovingly reproduce elements of the original and in doing so instill an uncanny feeling in those of us looking at them, which is really kind of a thrilling feeling.

They’re by an artist named Balakov who posted a set of the images on Flickr.

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One thought on “Great Works of Photography Re-Staged Using Lego Figures

  1. They’re dense and packed with comments. Sometimes a set serves to signify the dream world.

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