Construction Scaffolding

On the list of annoyances faced by the New York City pedestrian –a very long list — construction scaffolding has to be near the top.

Construction is occurring all over the city and wherever it happens, scaffolding is sure to accompany it. Ostensibly, it’s there to shield pedestrians from the hazards of falling materials and moving equipment.

Unfortunately, it also funnels pedestrians down dark, narrow passage ways, constricts already-limited sidewalk space, accumulates litter, construction debris and storm water runoff, obstructs the view of traffic signs, and turns city streets into ugly hodgepodge assemblages of makeshift plywood, tacked-on legal notices, spray paint and advertising.

The example in the photo above (taken on Bethune Street in the West Village) isn’t the worst example…just a typical one, with the “Something Superior” tagline adding an extra bit of irony.

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